Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Person

This is a picture of my person. I want to tell you what he has been going through lately.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Changes. Lots of big changes going down at our house. Some history. My dad person's CDH and migraines were so bad he went our on disability for a year. It was hard on him not to work. Things seemed to get a little better and he was determined to try and work again. So about six months ago he took a job doing what he used to do, working with computers.

Well things have not gone well. The last three months or so he has just gotten worse and now it is to the point that he just can't go into an office 8 to 5, five days a week. The pain and fatigue are eating him up. He comes home exhausted and has to nap most days. Plus he is having to go in late some and call in sick other days just to deal with it. Can't do that for the long run.

He asked the company if he could work from home 2 or 3 days a week since he can do what he does just as easily from home as at the office. They said no. Go figure. Well he can't keep on so he has given notice at his job. He is going to do some contract work from home. My mom person may have to go to work part time as well. We will see what happens.

I have tried to think of some ways I can help and earn some money. I figure that I am so good looking that I can get a job on one of those dog food commercials selling Kibbles and Bits or something. Or maybe be an actor and they can make a movie called Pirate the Great and it can be about a dog that saves the world from an evil cat! Picking out a leading lady should be fun and I would have my own trailer on the set. Yeah that's it! I can get my brother person to film it. He likes making movies. Got to go start working on the script.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


My dad person and my brother person were playing x-box football the other day. They were having a good time laughing and giving each other a hard time. It was a close game so they were excited. It was fun to hear laughter and enjoyment. My dad person just feels bad so much, but he can't let it control him. Even when he feels bad he tries to still participate in the family and have fun. He tries to protect the family from his pain as much as he can. Doesn't talk about it unless he is asked. He doesn't want to be a complainer and doesn't want others to change how they act because of him. Except for with my mom person and me. He will tell us about how he feels. I think part of it is he has to vent sometimes. He just gets so tired of the pain.

He told me that he does not feel like he does enough stuff with my brother persons, but when he gets home from work he is just exhausted from dealing with the day and trying to get through it. This x-box stuff is a good thing in that he can sit and do that even when he is tired and in low level pain. So it is an opportunity to hang out with them. He tries to protect the family from his pain , but you just can't do that all the time. I don't think it is good to do that all the time. Other people need to know so they understand what is going on.

Last weekend my dad and mom persons took my brother persons out to eat to the symphony one night, and my sister persons another night. Even when he did not really feel that good he just took his pain meds and pretended like nothing was wrong. He told me it was important. It is part of being a good father. That is part of dealing with pain, you have to just go on, if you stand still and let it take you over it will destroy you. So you have to just keep peddling the bike as he says. He had fun, but it is fun through a veil of pain. Sort of weird to think about.
I know his favorite thing is to just lay down and hug with my mom person. He feels relaxed and safe when they do that. Sometimes they play backgammon and talk and laugh. It is always a good thing to hear laughter. Seems like games are becoming an important part of the family being able to do things together.

We went for a walk the other day and even though they were walking too fast for me to get to smell everything I wanted to it was fun as always. They were talking about vacation. They love vacation and it sounds like they are looking forward to this one. They are good for them because they get to get away and all spend some time together doing fun stuff. I didn't want to go so they said they would let me stay in a dog bed and breakfast. I love those places, there are always lots of other dogs around to talk to and play with. Hope it is that one that serves the fancy organic dog food. Speaking of food I think I just heard someone say "woops" in the kitchen which means they have dropped something. Got to go check it out. More later.

Friday, August 26, 2005

A Sticker

Went for a walk with one of my brother persons. I love to go for walks! So much to see and smell. It is great fun and I always get to bark at my friends. While we were walking I stepped on a sticker. It stuck right in my paw between the front two pads. Ouch! It hurt. I started to try and pull it out, but then I had an idea. I decided to leave it in a while and see what it was like to be in pain like my dad person.

At first it was not too bad. It hurt but hey I just did not put so much weight on it. That helped. Problem is you can't walk for long on three legs so I had to use it and it hurt, but every time I put weight on it then it would hurt even worse. It is like my dad person. He has a headache all the time and if he lays down, takes meds and puts an ice bag on it it feels better, but it still hurts. Problem is you can't live life in bed on meds so he has to get up and walk. Then it really hurts.

I thought that maybe if I left it in a while I would get used to it and it wouldn't hurt so bad. That was a wrong guess. Soon it was all I could think about and every time I put my paw down the pain just shot through my leg. By the end of the walk I could not think of anything else but that sticker. I didn't want a treat, I didn't want to bark at the cows or sniff my friend next door through the fence. I just wanted to lay down and make the pain go away. I figured this is how my dad person must feel everyday. No wonder it is hard for him to eat and do everyday things around the house much less go out and party. He does love to party.

I pulled the sticker out of my paw and it immediately felt better. It makes me appreciate what he goes through everyday. I don't really know how he gets up every morning and goes to work. I couldn't do it if I had a sticker in my paw. I wish there was some way to make his pain go away but so far there isn't. He just has to deal with it. Plus on top of that he has to deal with people at work and friends that just really don't understand. They mistake his condition for not caring, being lazy or over emotional. I couldn't deal with it for an hour, don't know how he deals with it 24/7. It does affect him and his moods, but more about that another time. Next time you get a sticker leave it in for awhile. It makes you look at life in a new way. Go figure.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Visit to the Vet

My dad person went to see his Vet the other day. Well, he calls him a Neurologist, but I don't see much difference. Neither one knows what is wrong with you. They run expensive tests, make a guess and prescribe medicine. Then you write them a big check.

His Dr. Sounds better than mine in that they don't make him stand on a table and take his temperature, how embarrassing. They don't pry open his mouth and look at his teeth and tongue either. The Dr. Just takes his blood pressure, looks at his headache diary, makes suggestions about medicine changes and writes prescriptions. A much better deal if you ask me.

Of course I have it better when it comes to taking pills. He just has to swallow his. They hide mine in a piece of hot dog or cheese. Much nicer way to do it.

He keeps hoping that the Dr. will figure out something to cure him, but he doesn't. They just prescribe meds to lower the pain and make it a little easier to live life. Guess that is better than nothing. He just wants the pain to go away and have a normal life. Go figure.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bad Surprise

Weird thing happened today. My Mom person had a migraine. I am used to seeing my Dad person have them, but she never has them. It just came on her all of the sudden this morning when she was cooking breakfast. She said she was seeing lights and got sick to her stomach. Then she went back to bed. She took some of his meds and I licked her face and she got to feeling better. I think it was the face licks that helped.

He said it was like the tables were turned. She was experiencing the pain and he was having to take care of her. He got a glimpse of what she has to go through with him and she got just a glimpse of what he deals with. He said he would rather have the pain than have to watch her feel bad.

Of course I have to watch them both. Now I will have to keep a closer eye on her too. It was bad to see her go down because she is not used to it and it scared her. He is used to it and said that he forgets how scary migraines really are.

Glad she is feeling better. I need to go out back and bark at the cows. They are getting a little out of line this morning. Go figure.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Yesterday was not a good day for my person. He was down with a pain most of the day. He took a lot of pain meds and laid around a lot. I hate it when he is like that. The bed is too high for me to jump up on so I have to talk to him from the floor. He doesn't respond much. Just lays there with an ice bag on his head.

I have explained to him that if he will just go out in the back yard and eat some grass he will feel better. That always makes me feel better when I have an upset stomach. He says he will do anything to get rid of the pain, but he won't go and eat grass in the back yard. I know if he will just do that he will feel better. Go figure.